Dumb Rant

Six O clock, when all the supervillains sleep after a hard night out doing supervillainy things and all the heroes sleep after a night out doing heroic things I wish that a million tonne mega monster would devour the small town I live in. It’s not a bad town, but ya wouldn’t want to be trapped here forever. Fat, suckin down a cig through sun stretched lips with ya hair fallin out and ya gut spillin over your jeans down the pub every fridee and satdee. Nah, not my style for life but I ain’t got much of the way of a fight in me, and I love a good lay but not much chance of that happenin now unless I pay and I’m broke. So walking back round the streets by mself everyone says its dangerous out but lucky they listen to everyone else so no one leaves their house. There’s sirens blasting round the bushes nearby. Somebody’s gonna have to do a runner cause they’ve been having too much fun. Why I’m walking round doesn’t really make much sense but I got so much meth in me that well that doesn’t make sense either. So just keeping walking. I can hear the sounds of the river rats rushing round the river and I wish em luck. The big bucks burger joint be opening up in another ten or so and even though I’m not hungry be nice to have the illusion of some grease in front of me. What am I gonna do? Sun’s up soon, somewhere I lost my key, joint’s probably being emptied now. Ah well, yeah so what was I saying, oh yeah, the monster thing, well this town could be worse, least they got an early opening burger joint that serves a cold drink, I’m parched. See ya later…


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