Don’t Pullover, You Got Nothing To Stop For

Cruisin so fast down the spot where normally the lowered cars usually purr and go past the girls who go wooo! we got nothin to stop for so smashed past our prime it aint funny we could slow but they would just go booo! and the prime was when we had bags of fun in our pockets and more of that good time in our smile we gotta go to the spot where it’s dark and shaded, pull out the ol homemade pipe to sit n’ reminisce, contemplate fighting a group of hippies next to us who say fuck you man, but get out with large sticks and say fuck you cunts and then drive away to a quieter spot deeper and darker near the lake than anyone sane would come this time of night serial killers beware we are here so fuck off and watch the night lights of the city smash and melt into something not for us god love ya we watch until it burns into something darker get high and wonder what coulda been what coulda still happen paranoia is here but so is the high man beautiful it’s not wearing off love it good sleep tonight.


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