Deep In Philosophical Thought For A Few Minutes

To celebrate the return of that maniacal motherfucker named Boredom I decide to see what makes the insides of a bottle of bourbon tick. An hour later giggling at a direct to dee vee dee gore movie it is time to contemplate what move I will make to make a million dollars. Since a career as a banker or an advertising man is out of the question, not only ethically, but cause I lack the brains for that kind of scheming, it becomes apparent that I must try my luck at the creative side of things, again. Pictures! The plot must be thought of first, or the characters? Now to analyse what makes a great character, cause I can’t think of a plot. They must be quirky, so let’s be clever here. How about…a detective who only resorts to hardboiled violence when he hears classical music, and here comes the twist! His partner is a beautiful female violinist who is searching for her father’s killer. Yes! Tee vee or movies, sorry, film? This thing could be taken across many series, yes, no wait sequels, movies, sorry, films make more money? Hmmm no.  What is hot right now then? Vampires, apparently. By the time I get anything done that trend will be over. It’s moving onto werewolves by the looks, probably too late for that one too. By this curve it will either be Frankenstein’s monster, or Egyptian mummies next. I could be onto something here! Nope? Damn…

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