The First Day

The lowlife got a haircut, clipped his nails, shaved off any unnecessary body hair that showed, tucked up the bad thoughts, ironed his shirts, folded down his sleeves to smother tattoos and hid down in his eyes the disappointment of moving to a another employment opportunity that would pay the rent for awhile.

He awoke early and ate a small breakfast containing healthy organic ingredients that would flush the toxins from his body early to appear the same as all the others who would be trooping into the office on that day. During the train ride into the pit, sitting digesting the belly of the giant steel worm he thought about what had gone before.

During the office initiation, being shown where the photocopying was done, where the toilets were, where all of the pens were kept, he thought he saw a man doing some word processing wearing a snake mask. But when he turned back, the man just smiled at him with a human face.

Morning tea consisted of a birthday party for one of the oldest workers in this concrete palace. She had greeny teeth and bloodshot eyes from the work and was crying when they said she had atleast another twenty years left in her. The lowlife swore he saw a yellowish fluid emit from the multi layered cake when she pushed the knife through it, but someone said what a lovely lemon cream cake this is. He declined a piece quite quickly.

Between the morning and lunch break a man named Jeffrey offered his hand out for a shake and commented you will like it here, there are some great benefits. When queried about what these were he said that they are tasty, not unlike being a movie star or another of that sort. A definite answer was not met. Puzzling and strange were words that entered the mind of the lowlife.

Lunch time began with the office violently vomiting out its’ pink contents onto the pavement outside. Peeping out the shades of the third floor he could see that they were all keeping fake smiles and laughs flying, and much back slapping was going on. One of the more smartly suited men was showing an antique book to the others. Someone pulled out a wallet packed with dirty notes but the main man shook his head hard.

After lunch was over with an empty stomach, the red afternoon sank down onto the office. The lowlife began to feel nauseous at the same time he saw a huge black centipede crawl from underneath the filing cabinet in the far right corner. He ignored this as his cryptic paperwork was almost done. Soon it was time to return home to his small coffin because the bullet hole in his skull was starting to run again.

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