The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 27

The mute ghost girl slowly marches through the overgrown weeds at the back of the house. She has a silk and toilet paper veil twisted around her head, and her body is wrapped in a bleached white sheet like a toga. She is barefooted. Both of us are caught in awe at the sight of it. Finally we are gonna get out of this cage. Either way. My legs are asleep, but pumped, preparing to run. Menace is high, I can sense it, he is very high, sweating, heart beating, or is that me? He is going to make a good husband, but I suspect he will go crazy as soon as they leave a sharp instrument around. He cannot be caged up like this. Inside or out. He had a girlfriend not long ago, she wanted to get married and have a child, but he told her to go away. That’s what he told me. He was upset. But he wants to be free. Know how he feels. Man, I should’ve done more with my life, like I should’ve, I don’t know had a threesome, no, foursome, no, orgy with some gorgeous girls, nah deeper than that, I should’ve studied more, gotten further educated instead of working scumbag jobs, I should’ve done more for the environment, I should’ve visited my mum more… Ah should woulda coulda! Menace smiles at me. He knows exactly what I’ve been thinking, not through some psychic connection or anything, but probably cause he can see his own soul thoughts reflected in my eyes. This is probably it for us, Menace. No for me, mate, I’m gonna tie the knot, but you gotta get out quick. Behind the girl, coming through the back screen door is the father, acting as the priest no doubt. Crazy eyed, carrying the rifle.

To be continued…


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