The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 26

You know who it is. No, I don’t. It’s me. The girl? Lucinda, yes. What do you want? Yeah, are you here to torture us some more before you father turns us into a four course meal. No. Well what then? I want to marry you. What, who? The one you’ve been calling Menace. Why? Because I don’t want to die alone at the end of the world. We can’t get married. Why not? Because…I don’t know…we don’t even have a priest or anything to make it official. All the priests are dead, or at least suffering the last delusions of the religious. True, what about a ring? I have skinned the final apple I’ve kept hidden under my bed before it went rotten and kept the skin in one perfect loop, it will be symbolic enough. Ok, I will do it but what will happen to me, and what will happen to my friend? My father will not kill family, he has said it repeatedly since the dreams ended. My friend? I cannot guarantee his safety. Alright, just get us out of here, he will have to sort it out himself. She crashes off to get the key. Menace, what the fuck? He hoarse whispers shut up, the old man might be hiding around, could be a trick, but if they let us out, you run, I’m gonna stay. Alright. Run when they open it up. Ok…


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