Lava Lady Love

So what if she’d managed to accidentally rip the arms off an old lady whilst lifting her to safety during a fire, she’d punched the head off a ‘bank robber’ who turned out to be a kid in costume on Halloween or she’d used her psychic powers to win multiple gameshows, cause she thought that was allowed, eight foot two biceps bigger than bicycles Xanlord was still very good at maintaining peace in most capital cities. So good in fact that when she was interviewed most interviewers simply kept the interview to a few words – you’re really, really, really great – and left it at that. The problem was finding a compatible life partner on this quite small planet.

Even the body builders seemed to come out second best in any kind of physical contact, while a quick read of any professors’ sweaty thoughts often revealed them to be less than intellectual in what they were really thinking. It appears that she will have to settle for tucking herself into her giant steel bed at night, watching the seemingly perfect lives of soap opera stars coil and uncoil over and over again. Xanlord would much rather be out flying through the cold vacuum of space, retreating from her dying lava filled planet again, than to have had an inkling that there might be something out there that warms you forever from the inside. But she forces herself to forgets that and knocks herself out to sleep.

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