Sounds Through Walls

They’re all trapped in thirty dollar a night cells of substance. Weeds, distilled wheat and flesh pressed onto plastic make up the walls. Need is the door. The dollar, the lock. Bulging Bloodshot Eyes rests elbows on the edge of the paint gapped rail, snowing ash down from his near dead cigarette. Crew cut head. Ripped suicide billboard band shirt. Thin black jeans, and unlaced black boots. Thoughts of demonic conspiracies whip and whisper into his temporal lobes. Growls of fear blended with high speed drum beats doom from his flat. Whiskey Stench stumbles, ejaculated from his flat with the bang of the broken screen door. The usual conformist suit differentiated by an orange striped blue tie nearly off. He’s bored being alone.

‘Nice night.’


‘Man, it’s a nice night.’

‘Yeah. Nice tie.’

‘Thanks, my girlfriend bought it back from Manilla. That was before she, you know.’


‘Nah, fucked some guy she met at a nightclub. Drunken bitch.’

‘Women. That’s the best you can expect from some of ‘em.’

‘Yeah. You got a girlfriend?’

‘I’m not into all that shit.’

‘What? Girls?’

‘No. I like women. I just don’t want to get tied down.’

‘Fair enough. Smart guy.’

‘So this girl, how long were you seeing her?’

‘Three and a half years or so.’

‘Could you tell that she was going to do that?’

‘Nah. She just went out one night with her friends. Then didn’t answer her phone all night. Not that I was on her case all the time or anything like that.’

‘Nah. So how’d you find out?’

‘She told me about a week later. I was hassling her a fair bit about it though.’

‘What did she say?’

‘What before, or after?’


‘She said it just happened. They were at some nightclub. And this guy started talking to her. Made her laugh. She was drunk. And yeah, it just happened.’

‘Ah good riddance. She sounds like a slag.’


‘I better head in anyway. Catch you round.’

‘Yeah. Take it easy.’

Whiskey Stench stares out at the Kingsbury city lights. Chunks in his stomach move acidicly. He vomits heavy over the rail. Then starts the feel hot water pour from his eyes, not just due to the sting of the bile. The tie is the first thing he takes off when he gets inside.


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