Some Kind Of Story About Something (Vague)

We push parts into each other for about an hour on the unmade bed. The coverless donna keeps rubbing my knee.
Finally, I say.
Maybe I’m a faggot?
She says
Are you?
Then I say
I don’t know.
We roll off of each other. She sighs. Then there’s a silence. It lasts for an unprecise time.
She keeps starting sentences but doesn’t complete them.
Just finish what you have to say.
Well… you’re not saying anything.
Yeah. ‘Cause I don’t know what to say.
Then it rolls back into quiet. I like this girl. She’s got a nice perky bust, but her ears stick out like handles on a milk jug. I can’t even remember where we met. Oh yeah, at the cafe across from where I work. We were both eating bacon. And I made some kind of humorous comment about that. It’s funny how it ended up. Now she sighs again.
What’s up?
Nothing. We should watch TV.
Fuck TV.
Maybe you are gay?
What? ‘Cause I don’t like TV?
No. Because this whole thing didn’t work out. Most guys just love to fuck me.
Yeah, well…
Well what?
I dunno.
After playing with my fingers, a previous paper cut opens up. She rolls onto her side, back to me. Sighs.
Now, sleep.


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