Routine Inspection Report #277

The door to the first bedroom has a fist sized hole in it. Splinters of white painted wood lead to it from the front entrance. It would appear that the front door has been kicked in. Broken bulbs need to be removed from sockets. There are seventy six dart holes in the back bedroom wall. Also in this bedroom, the carpets will need to be replaced. Masks will need to be worn as the smell of urine is overpowering. Four panels of the religious leadlight skylight have been smashed beyond repair. If the individual panels cannot be replaced then they will have to be replaced with normal glass. A package with an unknown name was found at the property. It was believed to have contained adult diapers, and was forwarded on. The walls of the second bedroom have been covered in foil. This includes the ceiling, floor and light fitting. The window in this room has been plastered over. Cigarette burns dot the living room floor. The carpet in this room will also need replacing. Any furniture previously located in this room has been removed from the premises. A brick wall has been erected to section of the room into smaller parts. This will need to be destroyed. The garden has grown over significantly, and subsequently the front gate is now impossible to open. Please use gloves when cleaning this as sharp objects have been spotted in the growth. Finally, the front door has now been secured with a bolt. Anyone wishing to enter the premises must do so through the side window.


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