Much To Lose, Little Time Left

By the eleventh hour we’ve gotten loaded on so much grog and nicotine that all it seems logical to do is sleep. Wrong. Best thing to do is to go for a walk and see what kind of sex or cosmic constellations can be seen. Not much out here. Kitties and cats running from our footsteps and way too early Christmas lights still burn on but not a problem to us as slippery pissy drunks cause we got shoe rubber to burn and livers to waste she brings out the hip flask and says what’s in this will fuck you up so by the time I lift it to lips she’s already down to the pass out stage. We’re on the way to the spot where we first met. Sleep. She says she dreamed of me giving her a present that was so great, so horrible, that she just had to open it, while I never dreamed of her until the nightmares began later. We get up to the small hill on top of the town over the chain link fence, it all looks like a hole, when I was young I thought this spot got hit by a meteor cause all round was a higher raised ground but nah this spot is just down in a valley maybe it was hit by a meteor, but scientific evidence predicts it just to be a hole. Then we look down at the city lights that more than likely we will see till we die say something I forget that is breathed with breathes that only we can waste, she says I want to leave this place and I say well the chances are we will at the last minute, she says fuck you everywhere else is better I say probably right we suck down so much of what we got left that its all empty by the time we get full. No pathos in our story, cause all we got is now and she says hometime, I say never, so what you wanna do? Let’s drink until we can’t move anymore, then back to the slip slurp suck of the hippie and over until it doesn’t satisfy anymore we gotta work home but that story is as boring as this one but has less of anything. Sweep circle room down dive and it’s all over lover when the fat slut sucks you down. Sleep. Not point consciousness no point at all.


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