The Sour Milk Suck Experience


Crush that cut halved lemon into your squished up maw. Slick slack your tongue up into it’s guts. Suck in hard so your mouth twists into an exit orifice shape, your eyes roll back into your head. Drink that juice cause it’s so good. ‘Cause of the vitamins, nah, but because of the evil tang. Oh it’s so fucking good you say. It’s so nice. But you don’t realise that it’s acidicly emptying you. And you just keep drinking it on down. Until it’s empty. Yolk yellow, empty of all juice. Pick up the other half and squeeze. Squeeze again. Bath in that stinging juice. Let it run down your throat, down your lips and onto the ground. Keep doing it until you puke or run out of lemons. Then buy more. Pour down the vinegar, the soy sauce, the chilli powder, fetus filled eggs. Get a carton of fresh milk. Tip it down. Skull that whole thing until no drops come out. Let it settle and fester in your guts. Let it all mix mix together. Kiss and curdle. The biting lover touch. Hold it until the right time, then… release! But smell it. Taste it as it appears again. You know why. Cause you’re addicted to it. Yummy addiction in the sunshi-


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