The Shortest Tail of the Wandering Grasshopper

So out and finding a way to become sober again with no luck apart from people saying drink coffee and this and that and hot water and cold water on the face until it all sounds like it’s just better to stay drunk and risk the price of eating an over priced satay and maybe getting punched and pulled on the train by some fuckin punks who want something until it feels like it’s better just to stay drunk here till closing hour and get a taxi but then again it might lead to disaster and extra long routes taken cause I forget where I live so maybe it will be better just to walk home but that could be a bad idea and so I decide to just stay on this seat until I cannot move anymore which is now nothing left to do but fall off this chair and fake death until the ambulance comes cause hospital has fresh sheets and meals brought to your bed nah the floor looks pretty hard I’m outta here which ever way possible.


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