The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 25

Dusk smothers day, the caged light turns grey inside. Menace? Yeah? How are we going to get out of this? Probably medium rare hahahaha. Shit, now’s probably the time we should pray or something like that. Guess what I’ve got? Did you hear me? Yeah yeah, you hear me? Yeah, what’ve you got? A couple of pipes. Should we be getting high now? Why not? True, pass it over. Fuck off, me first. Go for it, you think anyone will save us? Nah, what a way to go huh, on a cough cough plate. You think all of this is I don’t know, the apocalypse, like revelations or some supernatural spiritual shit? Nahmannahthisspurelybacterialchemicalthegovernmentwouldvebee-ndesigninganewweaponorsomemedicinalcompanymakingcreatinganewstay-thefuckawakedruglikeno-snoozeorfuckIdunnoorsomegiantcol-acorporationmakinganewenergydrinkanditscontentsleakedout-andupintotheatmosphereupthere. What? Huh? Cough cough jesus this is good fuckin crack. Yeah man, sweeet isn’t it, I got enough to get us high until they serve us up. Die high? Yep. Pssst, psst. Oh shit, what the hell is that? Who is that?

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