The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 24

Proudly prodding us, the meat, with a long rusted metal stick, locked in a large dog cage in the neat bare backyard, he begins his vile villain’s spiel. A million cows probably sacrificed themselves to provide for you during your life. Fuck you, and your family’s hungry guts. Haha lucky you stopped in, we were almost out of our supply. Menace tries to spit at him, but his mouth contains no more spit. You see Tommy traps em, and I hack em up, and the girls enjoy the benefits of staying young and healthy until a proper cure is found. Girls? Yep, besides my wife, you’ll also be contributing to the ongoing health of my daughter, Lucinda. Spose she’s locked in the cellar, a two headed freak? Oh no no no. Lucinda, come out here! The back wire door creaks open slow, Lucinda floats out, barely able to move her frame. Collar bone popping first, cheeks almost breaking through rice white skin face. The flesh hangs off her. Long thin bone fingers. An icy ivory ghost dressed in a formless purple skirt and sequined shirt. Lucinda has not tasted the meat yet, refuses to, but she will once she realises it’s all that will keep her alive, won’t you my girl, and until then she gets nothing to eat, I said won’t you girl? She tries to speak, but only a weak gasped yes escapes. And her starving sockets close down slow.

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