Future Talk Show Fodder

Oh, what a beautiful day to wag year seven. This morning we will begin by smoking candy. Me and Catina. You can by it cheap from the Asian supermarket down from my parents’ house. They never ask why we buy ten or twenty packs a day. Even if they did I’d tell em to fuck off. The one with the artificial orange flavour burns best. Don’t open the packet, just crush em up inside then open one end, tear a filter in the other, and burn em down with a lighter. We learnt how from an anti drug special they showed us. Great, amazing, wonderful, wonderful stuff. Hehehehe produces an effect not so different to drinking a jar of nutmeg, all smashed out body highs and fresh breath. Mild hallucinations if you stare at a fluro light long enough. We aren’t quite smashed enough yet though, so we water down and drink the disinfectant handcream mum keeps under the sink. God bless Swiney Flu, cause this stuff has a huge alcoholic kick. Hahaha smaaashed. Time to borrow dad’s new digividcamera, go down the street to pick on people and film their reactions. See they won’t hit either of us girls back anyway, and I really need some new material for my Spacebook page. Luv ya, bye!


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