The Last Forget Of The Night’s Heart

The Last Forget

One more bathroom swig, the final flash of the shot glasses being damned by gums and guts, and they swill it in, around, around, with a sqwish sqwish, before both spitting it out together at the mirror onto their reflections. The boy and the girl are soft lust struck sucked into a nothing love space. A mellow marshmallow collapse into heads resting on shoulders.
Where should we go tonight?
I don’t know, anywhere but here.
Well get your scarf.
I don’t need it, I’m warm enough.
You’ll need it outside.
I don’t need it.
Slam shut the door and walking grappling along chain link fences they stop. They kiss. They support each other. Grab each others coats and try to drag each other down. Their equal force holds them up. Then she starts the insistent yell.
Keep walking. Before we get arrested.
I clarn’t.
You shouldn’t drink so much, you can’t handle it.
Clan too. Farkk…better drinkerer than you…
Yeah right.
I’m cold.
Come ere.
Scarf…Told you.
Shut it.
Bittersweet empty headed hahahas before beginning the bumbling stumble again. Rolling visions of slightly cloud congested clean space pregnant with stars, of acne scarred concrete paths smattered with spat purple gum pimples, never had a chance saplings twisted fresh from earth, of rotten rubbish and ruthless street signs, of violent vomit and volatile vehicular occurrences very, very close by.
What are you doing?
Wondering what all the people are doing in these houses?
Sleeping, snoring, swearing, scratching themselves, slobbering and possibly…
What? Possibly what?
No, it’s stupid.
No, what, say it…
Possibly getting ready to take the dog for a walk.
That is stupid.
Told you. You’re my best friend, you know.
I know. You’re my best friend too.
I know. Where to now?
Let’s head back.
Why were we walking anyway, where?
I don’t know.
Me neither.

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