The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 19

Inside, kitchen, rotting egg smell. A penguin goes into the bar and asks the bartender if he’s seen his brother. The bartender asks what does he look like…get it? That’s fuckin bad, Chris. Somebody has told Menace that a doctor has anaesthetic. Lots of it. They said he’s planning on holing up in The Last Saviour Church on the outskirts of Fyshwick, living out his porno fantasies with some female followers, then crashing for a long time. By now, we’re armed. I’ve got Menace’s steel baseball bat wrapped on thick silver industrial electrical tape. Also got a couple of his sharpest kitchen knives pushed into my belt. Menace has torn up his dad’s old leather jacket and tied it in thick strips around his face and hands. Outside driveway, smashed up stolen Audi. He’s holding the same Beretta his dad buried in the backyard before he went away. We’ve got both sunnies on. You get in the passenger seat. Fuck Menace you can hardly stand up, I better drive. You’re kidding right, I’m not the one who’s sus, recently, sus, recently what the fuck’s that word again, sustained head injuries. I’ll be right. I’m driving. Fuck that, do you keep seeing little lights in the corner of your eyes? Nah. How often you getting em? Not that often, Occasionally. I should drive. Nah, nah, it’s cool, Once we get this stuff, You know… Yeah, I don’t want to see this fuckin light anymore, It’s driving me crazy. Man, I wanna hit the sack again eh. Haha yeah, I’ve got to… What? I’ve got to go and try and see how mum is. They probably moved them out of there. I need to know. OK, wonder how my dad is? You reckon they got them all out of there? Probably got the army guarding em? Yeah, yeah maybe that’s it man… Fuck it, we’ll think later, grab the bags, let’s go, let’s go…


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