The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 16

See it’s worldwide now, and your new suit’s ruined hahaha look at your fuckin grapey face. Dressed in ripped black, he’s leaning back in a smashed up cane chair stinking of stale mayo, the rotting stench of chemicals. Big black beanbags sit puffed under his swollen red globes. Veins are popped in his shifty eyes, looks like he’s stopped eating, yellowing teeth and skin. Menace? I thought you were dead out here Chris, but then you still had a heart beat… get up. The feel of broken ribs, pushing up on beaten bent back fingers. Arrgh fuck, arrgh, what, who was that? You mean him? Slowly twist sore necked. Sitting slumped silent against the dusty speed gear is the stinking club man with a redhole eye. Behind over the old equipment and all around the mattress, browny spray. Blood. Fuck he was crazy Menace, it’s ok, cause the cops… I got im straight in the head like the zombie movies, he was one of my best customers too, fuckin lost it, had heaps and heaps but still wanted all mah stash, exploded, like, BOOM, haha wasn’t so bad, cause I had this. He can hardly bring himself to hold up the dirty Berretta. Lots of old school looting, raping and pillaging goin on out there, apparently, haven’t seen it though, boarded up the house and been trying everything to fuckin come down, hard, haha, it’s been six days now, for me, really, wish I had slept more, you know, before it all. What’s happening? Hahaha no more shuteye, or dreams, or nightmares or fuckin nothin for anyone mate, world’s end. What? Yeah they can’t quite figure it out, but looks like everyone’s last sleep was it, for ever. What…have they figured out why, is there a cure or something? Nah, but just after it went public, people on the net were saying general anaesthetic might work. Looking through the broken window, outside seems the same. Mum…does i- Or being knocked out cold, you found that out, fuckin hahaha sleeping pills don’t work against it, not even the best dope. Is…is the net still working? Nah power’s pretty much off now, everywhere, s’far as I can tell anyway. My phone still works. Emergency network stuff only, can’t even call the wank lines anymore haha. How long’s it been? Started Tuesday, day, have a good sleep? Drops the gun. Shake my head. Hahahahaha, let’s go outside. He brings his crystal packed pipe from the dusty tile floor slow up to his lips.



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