The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 15

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 15Beep.

Elurghrrrgh, urrrgh, The mobile is ringing, somewhere, Crawling, my face is caved in. Feels huge and purple.



You have one new message.


This is a (calming female voice) recorded message from the World Health Organisation. The W.H.O. would like to advise we are currently experiencing a stage six health pandemic. Insominitis Perenius is now affecting approximately ninety nine percent of the global population. The main symptom is the inability to sleep, with early known side effects include possible hallucinations and muscle pain. Please stay calm during this crisis. Friendly health officers will advise you shortly of your options. We would also like to advise people to stay as inactive as possible to conserve energy. Please only travel outside if absolutely necessary, and stay still in darkened rooms whenever possible. We will update you again soon. Thank you.

What’s the… time?

The time?

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