The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 14

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 14I could give you a couple of Xanax’s? Can you give me ten, need to come down. Yeah, But only take like two at a time max. Right, I want to sleep through tomorrow though Menace, be rested up for Thursday, then I’ll go see mum again after work. Sure man, sure, but only take like two though, yeah? Pop six and lie back down on the stained shed’s mattress. So cold I might have to sleep in the new suit. Heavy. Darkness. Smash! Grarblesnar. What the… Arrrghhslargah! What is that? Check the time on the mobile, Wednesday or Tuesday night? Sneak open the back slats of the blinds. Did I sleep all day? Who is that? I don’t know him. Teeth and bent golf club shining in the moon’s reflection. He’s looking for something. What are those dark stains on his shirt? Oh jesus. Oh jesus. He hasn’t seen me yet. Arrrghgrabhenstack! What’s he saying? Is this one of Menace’s friends? Where the fuck is Menace? Roll down the contact list to MENACE. Dial. Outside, he’s twisting his neck. It’s. Now. He. Sees me. Running. Ringing. Rattling, but the roller door’s locked, he can’t get through. Still. Ring- Shiny smiling, he’s backing up, now he’s charging in. -ing. Fuck! ARKENGRABLE! He’s not going to the door again, he’s going to the WIND-SMASH! Keep back man, keep back, what do you want, put down the club, shit, put down the FUCKIN CLU-RRRRGH, urrghh, urrgh…


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