The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 13

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 13Chris, Bright and early Monday morning! Jesus Christ I’m flying hi- Are you listening? –gh as a fuc- Yeah. –king kite, what is this strange green uniform? Cause this is the important part, What you do is after taking the meat from the grill, you put it into the microwave, Like this. Why, Isn’t it cooked already? …yeah, but we have to ensure all safety regulations are adhered to, see this kills all the bacteria. Oh ok. You want to try it? What putting the meat in the microwave and pressing the button? Yeah. Door slam and press the button marked meat. Good, excellent, We’ll make a masterchef out of you yet! The rest of the day passes in a flashing blink as I’m shown smiling instructional videos of how not to spread mayonnaise on a bun, introduced to the other burger flippers, and Benny the intellectually disabled boy who loves to work the fried chicken section, and meet Mel who works the register full time since she dropped out of school due to being knocked up by a drunken mechanic, hairnets, and hamster smells, sit and watch compressed patties sucked in crumbs soak up fat, and finally…You’ve earned it! He holds up a maroon apron with a cartoon character smiling with a plump burger. Fuck me dead, has it come to this? Crashing and coming down. Now. Great work, great work, now see you for a big meaty Thursday mmm mm!

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