The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 12

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 12Shed, small window, sunlight, morning. Oh god where’s that bucket! That’s better. Standing then run my finger along the cracked chemical cylinder that leads to smashed pipes and shattered cookers, tubes and drippers. This is where his dad used to make it. Meth so clean it could keep Frankenstein’s monster fucked up for days. They’d all buy off him, the old boys that gather in the dirty Chinese eatery in the plaza, the bikies that hang round the warehouse other side of town, the clubbers, truckers, working girls, punks, cops, everyone. How are ya? You got any Panadols? Nah, you want some of this? Nah, thanks, You been up all night? Yeah reading conspiracy theories, how long you wanna stay? Just long enough to get some together to some dosh, Rent a place of my own. Cool, You want some? Nah. Opens a small cigarette packet sized tin, crinkles some plastic, takes out a clean pin. Pretty sure now he hasn’t slept in days. Shakes a sandwich bag of shards. Taps one out, crushes it down. Shoots the mix of liquid into a blue black hole around his elbow. Holds his bent arm over his head as he sucks at the hole. You gonna have some breakfast? He picks and rubs at his gums. Fuck no. You got anything inside? Puts his head back, a slight gum grind. Just some cornflakes, but they been there awhile. Milk? Nah. Light a cigarette. You starting that new job today? What new job? The one I lined up for ya this morning. Thanks heaps man. Pulls out a small pipe. Ahhh cool, you sure you don’t want some? Alright, fuck it, just give me a tas-


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