You can get people to do anything for money. If that is what makes the world go round then there is something severely wrong with this world. Things used to be different when I was younger. Sure everyone wanted to conquer the world, but it was more a power trip than a status thing. We didn’t care if our date had a good job or a degree, they just had to have a well developed chest and a pulse. We didn’t care if our car had multi wheel control power seats double decker stereo synths, it just had to have four wheels and a steering device. Even while I write this the TV in the background is playing a show where four women keep talking about clitorises and shoes.

The emptiness of it all makes me question the reality of this world. So that is why I left again. No, I didn’t kill myself. And I didn’t use mind altering hallucinogenic drugs. Neither of these options hold much appeal to me. I can create doorways. Holes. They eclipse the physical, mental and spiritual totality of my self. And lead into an infinite maze of possibilities and places. My father was an astrophysicist. Before he disappeared, his madness, his obsession was the holes that exist in our universe.
They are everywhere.
And they can be created.
Black holes, worm holes and more.
While it has been theorised that these holes, or tears, can lead backwards and forwards in time, but this never interested my father. Or me. Bathed in oxygen, I wanted to roam the warm insides of the universe, and be left outside it’s cold body. If you shut your eyes, the space inside your head is infinite. This is also true of the universe. During my travels, I have observed stars the size of our galaxy die, creating a beautiful hungry void. The black hole. And listened and watched the organic symphony of the first life being created on a planet. The Creation. I have seen countless colours, shapes and biology that cannot possibly exist. The madness. While I may be classified insane by the standards of earth, the universe never judges. It just expands and contracts. Cools and heats. Lives and dies. So, how do I travel? Lightly. Haha. Even the basics of the process would take two years and a PHD in physics to explain. Unfortunately there is no time.

I must leave again.


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