The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 10

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 10Throwing the lighter on the table eyes closing excited shiny he smoothly rolls his head back jaw clenchingly licking the thin white smoke exiting the chamber of his mouth sliding out over his lips pressing the dirty wet rag over the red hot glass pipe to sssss…solidify the shards solid again while holding his pointer finger over the top to capture the remains. Both slumped spent on stained couches bathed in the blue of the dead AV channel switched to shutdown lowdown gaming machine light. It’s (Cough) It’s (Cough) It’s good, man, you want some? Not yet, maybe later, not really my thing eh. Fuck that, so what you a drinker now? Yeah, don’t mind a scotch of the night time, so you working at the moment? Working plastering occasionally, Centrelink, selling abit. His drink sits sweating full. Ah ok, what’s this album, it’s pretty cool. I’ve bin getting into the mix tapes again mate, made up a fuckin killer cassette of the shit we used to listen when we were just little dope smoking dickheads in tenth grade, Pantera, Faith No More, fuckin Korn, Marilyn Manson, still love mah metal though fuckin Napalm Death, Lamb of God, Devildriver, Mastodo- Haha swig some straight scotch from the stained glass. Ahhh. What you listen to these days anyway Chrissy? Lately I’ve been getting on an old school London art punk retro thing Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, some Bowie. You gone fag? Nah, I like the lyrics, music’s good too. That’s right eh, you went to Melbourne to become a writer, yeah? Yeah. He presses his finger down and across hard onto more of the fat shards sitting on top of the Sports Illustrated on the table. So how’d it work out? Rubs his finger and thumb together so they snow straight into hole on top of the pipe. Got a few articles published in some zines. What’re they? Like little underground publications people print up themselves using photocopiers and shit. Cool, cool man, anything else, you started writing the bestseller yet? Clicks the lighter up. Tried heaps of times, but only ever got a first line done. Yeah, what was it? It’s stupid. Go on, tell me…Pushing the flame under the pipe again. Um alright, The dying insect crawls across the lense of the surveillance camera obscuring the footage of the men who will end the world. Exhaling, slowly, cough, cough. Fuuuckin (cough) deep man, what was that one (cough) going to be about? Don’t know. Cool, cool, you need to write some kind of fuckin I don’t know detective one, that shit sells big time. Yeah maybe, maybe. Fucki’m high, oh man. Might crash soon, you? Nah, hahah, Nahaha not yet, ha nah oh man…


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