The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 9

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 9Three o’clock hard knock, knock, knock on the inherited house’s glass door, so soon a frosty shape twists several deadbolts to the left. Opens. He’s yellow finger nail scratching the new ink on his neck. Looks like an angry dragon twisting up from under the stained pink Melvins T-shirt. Homemade short brown haircut. Dirty chequered boxers. No shoes and faint hungry purple punctures randomly along his limbs. Red eyed smiles with a hot bad breath blast. Who.. Chris, nice suit man! You been building model airplanes again, Menace? What? Looks like you spilled some PVC glue on your boxers. Wha-get fucked still a fuckin smartarse, eh haha, come in! Torn up paper plates. Phone torn from wall. Floating dope smoke smell. Scrunched up sandwich bags. Spit on the floor. Ripped up pinups ripped from walls. How ya bin brother? Not bad, fuck mate what’s happened to ya grandma’s house? Ah she died, and well, you know… No worries, wherebout’sis my room? Back shed man, sorry that’s where the mattress is. That’s cool. Yeah man, fuck how ya been anyway, it’s been like, what…? Five years? Yeah fuckin five years! With a swing, he grabs a floating full bottle of Merchant’s Machine scotch from the cupboard. Fuckin five years mate, let’s have a drink! Yeah, just let me put my stuff down somewhere. Anywhere man, anywhere, you still drinkin it with soda water? Unscrews the cap. Yeah mate.  Glug glug. Don’t have any, but here’s a straight one. Thanks. Here’s cheers ya big abandoning cun-


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