The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 8The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 8

Back over the bridge past the pink plaza and along the main street and around the park and heading towards home. Staring out the window. You can stay with us Chris. Nah that’s ok, but thanks anyway. They don’t say much about her. Not a good sign I spose. But no need to say anything. Sudden decision of no need to go home yet. Too cold and quiet, heavy with many murky and vivid memories. Is it ok, if I use you phone to make a quick c-

-onfidential legal file #20975
Dennis Jantz
D.O.B. – 23 March 1981
Known Aliases include: Den Den, The Big D, Dennis The Menace and Menace.
1994 – Cautioned for attempted shop lifting.
1995 – Charged for car theft, possessing stolen goods, marijuana possession. Six months good behaviour.
1998 – 2 x counts, Grievous Bodily Harm. See file on: Wakely Pub brawl. Sentenced to community service fifty seven hours.
2003 – Morphine Possession. One week Moparara Rehab Clinic
2005 – Summons for suspected fraternising, public indecency, DUI and drug possession. No charges laid.
Other notes: Suspected Drug D-

-ennis? Yeah. It’s Chris. Chris who? Walsh. Oh fuck, Chris, how are you man? Good, good. I thought you were in Melbourne? Yeah, but had to come back, Mum’s sick. Ah fuckinell, How you been anyway? Yeah alright. Where you staying? Nowhere. You got a place here. Thanks. Click. Thanks, can you drop me off just up the road here?


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