Free Sauna

Last summer on the highest mercury day as the largest fires burned, piles of people walked past the shop with pink icypoles pressed against foreheads, wet mouths tipped back to ease the beer down past dry tongues, and kept saying fuck I can’t believe it those poor dead people, and peeled back tops to relieve blood pressure, and wiped packets of frozen peas against their necks, and said they didn’t care anymore, and tried to steal our fans, and screamed for more, more, more money, and yelled with red eyes it’s so fuckin hard to sleep, and pushed crazy children in mosquito netted prams while other shops slammed their shutters shut, and the television tried to prove that we may be in hell, and the crimson sky swallowed specks of ashy dust that swam in it, and finally we locked the doors and collapsed, with nothing more to do but sit soaking in silent sleepy salty sweat heaps.

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