The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 5

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 5My aunty meets me at the station. My father’s dead. She looks after dogs a lot, with my uncle, they brought a caravan a long time ago, musta been around the time they retired. And now they house sit and walk and clean the owners dogs while travelling Australia, but they’ve been around the world doing it too. She’s trying not to cry now. There’s my uncle, he’s pretty crazy used to be a taxi driver almost got stabbed but kicked the guy in the stomach, he’s holding himself together well. He shakes my hand like he always does. He’s wearing a suit and he’s trimmed his grey goatee. My aunty hugs me and kisses me and tells me that things will be ok, and they look ok, because there’s a chance for hope. But I can see she’s just saying it. She’s wearing a nice top. They both look well. I get in their car and I’m glad I’m not wearing the new suit, cause there’s alot of dog hair in there.

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