Goodbye People of Earth!

Goodbye People of Earth

If you are reading this then I have finally managed to save enough money to buy that second hand Russian rocket I always wanted. It’s not too bad in here. Some plush leather couches, orange lava lamp, lots of records, a couple of reproduction seventies rock posters, some very nice cans of caviar, some crackers and several cases of high class French champagne. Hear that? Well you probably can’t because this is written, but that’s me cracking the Bollinger before take off. Got some Zepplin playing in here now. Man those guys rocked. And look at the paint job outside. Hot! Psychedelic swirls of green, red and purple. Lonely? Nah, I’ve got a black and white kitten called Zero. Anyway, what a terrific night to launch into. See ya.
Three, two, one…


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