The Prettiest Nightmare

Chapter 1

The Prettiest Nightmare - Chapter 1So how it works is this, I put out the signs in the morning like two dollar car wash and wax for free then the boss an old Greek he leaves around twelve then every third or forth day, I make it random so he can’t tell the pattern, I put the out of order sign on the fifth pump it’s the shampoo pump so they have to pay me and not put the coins in the slot then by around three I’ve got about anywhere from fifty to two hundred bucks then I call up Keith the dope man and get a gram or two delivered while I’m waiting for him I order the pizza a large pepperoni with extra cheese and jalapenos then I call one of the adult classifieds numbers I get from the porno mags he has sitting on the newsrack in the front behind the womens gossip mags and I get a girl to come over by about five I’m full, blown and stoned. But today the old Greek came back early.


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